Chris L. Minnick, M.D.

Table of Contents


1 – Unconscious Envy: Everything I Would Have Wanted to Learn if I Had Not Already Known It
2 – An Overview of Manic Defenses in Clinical Practice
3 – Concreteness in Infancy, Clinical Practice, and Everyday Life
4 – The Clinical Relevance of the ‘Organ of Attention’
5 – The Oedipus Complex Today – [coming]
6 – The Bad Self: The Envious, Omnipotent, Know-it-all, Destructive, self-sufficient “Bad” Part of Self
7 – Embarrassment, Shame, and Humiliation: Their Clinical Relevance
8 – The Fundamentals of Dream Interpretation: A Kleinian Approach
9 – Dream Case Book
10 – The Art of Engaging a Patient in Treatment and Its Natural Extension: The Conversion of Psychotherapy to Psychoanalysis
11 – 25 Axioms Every Mental Health Professional Must Understand