MODULE ONE: THE Brain and Development in Infancy [24 pages]

  1. Models Instead of Theories [pdf 2 pages]
  2. The ‘Baby Core’ of the Personality [pdf 1 pages]
  3. The Origin of the ‘Bay Core’ in Preconceptions’ [pdf 1 pages]
  4. The Creation of Paired Internal Relationships, the Early Super-Ego [pdf 3 pages]
  5. Unconscious Phantasies, the Cerebral Cortex, and the Frontal Lobes [pdf 6 pages]
  6. Life Experience: ‘Baby Level’ Emotions versus ‘Adult’ Congnitive Meanings [pdf 3 pages]
  7. Midbrain Storage of Memories as Feelings [pdf 2 pages]
  8. ‘Limbic Leakage’ as a Lifelong Response to Distressing Experience [pdf 2 pages]
  9. Puberty and the Resurgence of the Baby Core of the Personality [pdf 4 pages]

MODULE TWO—PART ONE: The Brain and Development in Infancy [42 pages]

  1. Bion’s ‘Mother-Infant Model’ for Creating a Mental Apparatus [pdf 2 pages]
  2. What’s Love Got to Do with It? Love’s Central Role with Mom [pdf 3 pages]
  3. Baby Core Emotions in Relation to Mom: Separation [pdf 3 pages]
  4. Baby Core Emotions in Relation to Mom: Jealousy [pdf 3 pages]
  5. Baby Core Emotions in Relation to Mom: Envy [pdf 6 pages]
  6. Baby Core Emotions in Relation to Mom: Anxiety, Guilt, and Depression [pdf 7 pages]
  7. The Baby’s Earliest Value System of ‘Self-Interest’; The Paranoid Schizoid Position [pdf 4 pages]
  8. The Baby’s Maturing Value System of ‘Concern for the Other’; The Depressive Position [pdf 4 pages]
  9. The Composition of the Unconscious Inner World of Psychic Reality, Based on the Creation of the Paired Relationships of the Internal Family: Good and Bad Parts of Self, Mom, and Dad [pdf 7 pages]
  10. Creating a Healthy Personality Structure Through Balanced Introjection and Projection [pdf 3 pages]

MODULE TWO—PART TWO: Klein’s Baby Core Coping/Defensive Maneuvers [38 pages]

  1. Self Regulatory Maneuvers for Infants [Barry Brazelton, M.D.] [pdf 1 pages]
  2. The Organ of Attention and Denial of Experience [pdf 1 pages]
  3. Being an Unborn Inside Baby [pdf 3 pages]
  4. The Death Instinct: How Alive to Be, How Much Life to Live? [pdf 4 pages]
  5. Splitting-and-Idealization [pdf 2 pages]
  6. Splitting and Projective Identification [pdf 13 pages]
  7. Manic Defense [pdf 6 pages]
  8. Narcissistic Personality Organization (a la Herbert Rosenfeld and Donald Meltzer) [pdf 6 pages]
  9. Omnipotence and Omniscience to Augment Defensive Maneuvers [pdf 2 pages]

MODULE THREE: Marriage and the Baby Core [44 pages]

  1. The Marriage Selection Process [pdf 9 pages]
  2. The Good Marriage [pdf 6 pages]
  3. The Troubled Marriage [pdf 8 pages]
  4. Infidelity and the Baby Core of the Personality [pdf 15 pages]
  5. Marital Therapy and the Baby Core of the Personality [pdf 6 pages]

MODULE FOUR: The Baby Core in Life [40 pages]

  1. How to Take a Baby History and Understand Its Implications[pdf 10 pages]
  2. Neuroscience, Psychoanalysis, and the Baby Core of the Personality: Plausible Connections[pdf 10 pages]
  3. Criminal Behavior and the Baby Core of the Personality [pdf 7 pages]
  4. The Impact of the Baby Core of the Personality on Religion and Reliigous Thought [pdf 10 pages]
  5. Infantile Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and the Baby Core of the Peronality[pdf 10 pages]
  6. Gender Identity, Homosexuality, and the Baby Core of the Personality [coming soon]

MODULE FIVE: Extended Lectures on Kleinian Theory [73 pages]

  1. Unconscious Envy: Everything I Would Have Wanted to Learn if I Had Not Already Known It [pdf 7 pages]
  2. An Overview of Manic Defenses in Clinical Practice [pdf 8 pages]
  3. Concreteness in Infancy, Clinical Practice, and Everyday Life [pdf 16 pages]
  4. The Clinical Relevance of the “Organ of Attention” [pdf 12 pages]
  5. The Oedipus Complex Today [coming soon]
  6. The Bad Self: The Envious, Omnipotent, Know-It-All, Destructive, Self-Sufficient “Bad” Part of Self [pdf 18 pages]
  7. Embarrassment, Shame, and Humiliation[pdf 13 pages]
  8. The Fundamentals of Dream Interpretation: A Kleinian Approach [coming soon]
  9. The Art of Engaging Patients in Treatment, and Its Natural Extension, the Conversion of Psychotherapy to Psychoanalysis [pdf 10 pages]

MODULE SIX: Short Takes [41 pages]

  1. Forgiveness—Lessons Learned [pdf 2 pages]
  2. Breastfeeding and Kleinian Models [pdf 5 pages]
  3. Some Thoughts on Adoption [pdf 5 pages]
  4. The Super-Ego and the Conscience [pdf 11 pages]
  5. Sibling Rivalry [pdf 5 pages]
  6. Internal Harmony [pdf 8 pages]
  7. On Blaming [coming soon]
  8. Minnick’s Favorite Quotes and Paraphrases [pdf 5 pages]