Minnick’s Klein Academy is an educational site devoted to the beginning mental health professional, and anyone else, who wishes to have a working knowledge of models for understanding personality development and mental functioning, both in the consulting room and everyday life.

Most of the material on this site will require no previous familiarty with the topic. The Academy will build the requisite foundation of information to make it possible for one to ultimately grasp the psychoanalytic models developed by the English psychoanalyst Melanie Klein, and her students.

Please note that Modules One and Two are written to be read like a programmed text, with each segment building on the previous ones. Module One covers the background to Kleinian models of infant mental development and function by blending Dr. Minnick’s understanding of Klein with more recent neuroscience about brain development in infancy. The first half of Module Two then lays a foundation of Klein’s and Bion’s assumptions regarding the first months of development. The second half of Module Two actually outlines Klein’s specific models for development in infancy, both normal and disturbed.

Module Three will apply these ideas to marriage as this lends itself to teaching because it gives a familiar context for the exemplification of Klein’s ideas in an arena with which most of us can more readily identify.

Modules Four through Six will cover a wide array of applications of Klein’s ideas to other areas of life. All of these will be related to courses that Dr. Minnick has taught previously and many have yet to be added to this Academy.

All material on site is copyrighted.