July 1, 2016 – New Course – 25 Axioms

“25 Axioms Every Mental Health Professional Must Understand” was my 60th and final Extension Course. I have been doing them at a rate of one each semester, all on different subjects from a Kleinian perspective, for thirty years. Each takes 30 to 100 hours to prepare, and I have not been able to devote much time to MKA because of these courses. I now intend to devote my time to MKA exclusively.

This is a long course, about 30 pages, so I recommend selecting a section (the course is divided into 7 areas) and just reading that section at one sitting. The course surveys topics from all areas of Minnick’s Klein Academy.

Dec 21, 2014: Neuroscience course now added to MKA

I just finished preparing and teaching a course attempting to link neuroscience findings with the “baby core” of the personality. It took eight months, contains a lot of speculation, but I think has profound implications for the practicing mental health professional. It has reinforced my convictions, from four decades of clinical work, that Klein’s models remain essential for anyone wishing to plum the depths of the “baby core” of the personality. The course can be found as the second item in Module Four. Its implications are profound.

July 2, 2014

I am very happy to get the Dream Case Book up on Module Five following the Dream Interpretation course. It offers a considerable amount of synthesis between Kleinian theory and clinical practice. It took more work than I anticipated.

April 15,2014

I am excited about how things are progressing. I just finished my dream course this past weekend. It is up but the extensive case book of examples will be added shortly. I have added several courses on Module

I still have HOMOSEXUALITY coming to Module Four, the OEDIPUS COMPLEX TODAY coming to Module Five, and ON BLAMING coming to Module Six. I am also going to add a SITE MAP/DOWNLOADS link on the tool bar to make it possible to download any section as a PDF. I hope to also add audio downloadable from that tool bar section that covers Modules One and Two, suitable to listen to on an Apple or Droid device, etc.

On a final note, I will finally have an opportunity to EDIT all of the typos on the site, a priority whose time has finally arrived. This is necessary because once the Module components are uploaded as a PDF I can no longer edit them without great difficulty.

September 16, 2013

I think I have solved the spam problem I was having if a message was left on the “Blog” page. You can now leave a comment for me on the “Contact” page because I have added a security code element on that page.

August 18, 2013

At last, I am really pleased to have created and uploaded the balance of Module Two, which is really the last piece of the core of MKA. In total it amounts to an addition of more than 100 pages. I still have minor editing for typos, etc. but Module Two, Parts One and Two, is essentially complete. As surfers might say, I am really stoked!

January 1, 2013

I am excited to have been able to add quite a bit to MKA over the holidays.

I have succeeded in completely uploading all of Module Three. This includes the courses on Marital Selection, The Good Marriage, The Troubled Marriage, Indidelity, and Marital Therapy.

I was also able to upload four of the five courses in Module Four. These include How to Take a Baby History, Criminal Behavior, Religion and Religious Thought, and Autism. I still have to add the course on Gender Identity and Homosexuality.

Due to other committments including preparing a course on The Bad, Destructive Part of Self, I will probably not be able to add other courses to MKA until the spring.

November 10, 2012 – My New Website is Up and Running

I finally have my new and improved platform and will now get back to adding new content. I have already begun adding chapters to Module Two and will now continue at a steady pace. I will be teaching my fall course “How to Take a Baby History and Understand Its Implications” in early December and will try to get it up on the website after that.